Friday, May 18, 2012

Should we.....

Ok, so we've got a few people on board.....I think.  I know there are at least three of us in the area of west michigan. 
So my question(s) are Should We....
Start a project of sorts? 
Wait for a few more people?

I'm down for whatever.  My summer is going to be a bit hectic, but I could start a project!  When do we say no to new projects?????
We could try and set up an informal meeting to get to know eachother and just chat.
Or we could just wait until we get a few more on board.

Let me know what you all think!!!


  1. Hi Sara- an informal chat session seems like a good idea to me, once a few more folks express interest. I am based in Allegan in the summers, but can travel up the coast to a meeting place.

    Thanks for your efforts to get this group started.

    Karen Duling

  2. I am interested in joining. I live in Muskegon. Let me know if you guys are still trying to get a group together.

  3. Sara, did you get this going? I am in Kalamazoo and am thinking of starting one down here. I have friends in GR who are interested in joining, but I don't know how that would work. I wonder if they'd be interested in getting together with your group? Let me know! Stephanie

  4. Ok, sorry for the delay - I've had a hectic summer. I think I'm going to throw a couple dates out there and see if there's a day we can get together.